A JavaScript library for developing Game AI.

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Autonomous Agent Design

Yuka provides a basic game entity concept and classes for state-driven and goal-driven agent design.

Steering and Navigation

Use the build-in vehicle model and steering behaviors in order to develop moving game entities. Graph classes, search algorithms and a navigation mesh implementation enables advanced path finding.

Perception and Triggers

Create game entities with a short-term memory and a vision component. Use triggers to generate dynamic actions in your game.

Video Game Industry Best Practices

One of Yuka's goals is to implement concepts that have been successfully used by the video game industry over a long period of time. With this approach, we hope to create a robust and performant foundation for web-based video games.

Standalone AI Engine

Yuka is a standalone library and independent of a particular 3D engine. The idea is to implement the actual game logic with Yuka and the visual representation with your preferred JavaScript 3D library. Yuka uses three.js for its examples and showcases but it is also possible to use it with other projects like BabylonJS.